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December 2015 — Lisa Fliegel

Refugee All-Stars

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One of my favorite bands is The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars. They sing a song: “Living like a refugee is not easy….” One day in 2004 I was driving with Sarah B. over the Charles River.  We were taking SA to the Dance … Read More

The Hierarchy of Tragedy

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Tragedy is not a competiton; it’s not a suffering olympics where the goal is the gold medal of atrocity. In a recent New York Times article and a subsequent NPR story the journalist Anne Barnard commented that we need to … Read More

All I want for Christmas!

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Lisa Fliegel – Erev, Erev Christmas Trauma exposure & disability Students who experience traumatic events while growing up in poor, turbulent neighborhoods could be considered disabled, a federal judge has ruled in a high-profile case involving the Compton, Calif., schools. … Read More

Burden of Truth/Burden of Proof

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I was with my friend Abrigal Forrester  the other day. We were talking about Trauma and he used the term Practice-based Evidence. I was so excited to hear that phrase for the first time. Too often front-line trauma workers feel burdened, stymied, and barricaded by the … Read More

Annie Hall

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Lisa Fliegel + Woody Allen +  Ben Shahn — In 9th grade I went to see the movie Annie Hall in Newton Center with a big group of friends. It was a sweet little theatre you could walk to from … Read More

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