Will Trumpty Dumpty Have A Great Fall?

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Lisa Fliegel with Words from Eran Halperin —

Researchers found that showing people extreme versions of ideas that confirmed — not contradicted — their opinions on a deeply divisive issue actually caused them to reconsider their stance and become more receptive to other points of view. The scientists attribute this to the fact that the new information caused people to see their views as irrational or absurd, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The irony in the possibilities for Trump lie in the fact that a GREAT FALL could mean that Trump might win a November primary, or worse a November election. On the other hand, when I watched him on this morning news, I had to hope that people would be swayed by Malala


Trump isn’t spouting the irrational and absurd to get folks to realize how racism and ethnic hatred only promote violent extremism — and yet we have to figure out how to get all that kings horses and all the kings men to pull Trumpty Dumpty out of the deep end he’s gone off of! Or at least how we keep the rest of us from dropping off with him.

Halperin and Golan’s research shows how “Shifting Away from a Monolithic Narrative,” will bridge divides between those in conflict. But what do we do about the Monolith himself.  We must do more than just hope he falls off his own wall — greatly.

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